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What a player collar and leash combo

Regular price $ 27.00 Sale price $ 22.00

Heads Up For Tails presents What A Player martingale dog collar and leash combo for your playfully adorable dogs. If your dog's a player, this one's for him! ;)

Our Limited slip What A Player Martingale collars are an excellent training tool that will improve walks and help teach your dog how to properly go for strolls! These are designed to provide more control and when fitted properly, they prevent your dogs from escaping.

Made from premium quality nylon, the complementary What A Player leashes provide a great support and strength while walking your dogs. Strong and easy grip provides complete control while the What A Player prints will definitely attract a lot of attention to your playful pooch.

Designed in association with the Filmy owl, we hope to add more fun to everyday collars and leashes!

Buy both together to create a perfect What A Player look for your cute little playa

Product ships within 2 business days from our warehouse


- Fits loose and more comfortable than standard collars
- Prevents hair tangles, breakage and skin irritation
- Provides more control and prevents dogs from escaping
- Gentle yet firm
- Relieves pressure on trachea by evenly distributing pressure around the neck rather than directly on the front of the neck.


Collar - fits neck size of 12"-18" Width 0.5" (Puppies, Pomeraneans, maltese, lhasa apso)
Leash - Length 50" Width 0.5"

Collar - fits neck size of 18-22" Width 1" (beagle, labrador, boxers)
Leash - Length 50" Width 1"

Collar - fits neck size of 22"-26” Width 1.3" (basset hounds, St. Barnards, big size dogs)
Leash - Length 50" Width 1.3"

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