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Plush monkey dog toy

$ 8.00

Monkey Plush Dog Toy is a great toy for puppies and small dogs. Your dog will love the this toy for some tugging fun, as well as fetch and play! Plus, the squeaker rewards your dog's every chomp with a super-fun, enticing sound. 

Soft dog toys feature a soft poly plush outer and securely stitched details for lasting performance through hours of play. Hand wash or machine wash as necessary.

Features: - Made with durable, non toxic fabric - Perfect for small dogs and puppies to toss, play and fetch - great for a snuggle Size: Plush dog toys are great to play fetch, snuggle, or chew. These soft toys retain your pet's scent to keep him coming back to it again and again. Some dogs like to simply carry plush toys around in their mouth. Plush dog toys are also great for games of tug of war or to use as a pillow. 

Size: Length -5", Breadth 3"