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Much Loved Monkey dog harness and leash combo

Regular price $ 31.00 Sale price $ 26.00

Mommy's and Daddy's Much Loved Monkey- This dog HARNESS leash combo is for the goofy, naughty brats who chew all our shoes, run away with socks, wag their tails and knock everything over, jump, play, dance and add so much fun, love and laughter into our lives!

Beautifully illustrated by Alicia Souza, and built using strong nylon with top quality hardware- this HARNESS is part of our 'Cookie and Leo' collection. Buy both together to create a perfect look for your much loved monkey of a dog.

Product ships within 2 business days from our warehouse


- Easy to put on and take off
- Water resistant material, perfect for rainy days
- Adjustable for the perfect fit
- Colourful and beautifully designed
- Double stitched for durability
- Premium nylon and hardware
- Matching leash available separately
- Strong and durable leash with super grip.


Collar - fits: Neck Size 12-14", Girth 12-16", Width 1/2" (Puppies, Pomeraneans, maltese, lhasa apso)
Leash - Length 50" Width 0.5"

Collar - fits neck size 16-20", Girth 16-22", Width 1” (beagle, labrador, boxers)
Leash - Length 50" Width 1"

HARNESS - fits neck 18-26", Girth 18-28", Width 1.25" (basset hounds, St. Barnards, big size dogs)
Leash - Length 50" Width 1.3"

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