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    About Heads up for tails


    Putting Our Right Paw Forward
    Hello! We are so excited you are here!

    Have you noticed how every day, pets remind us just how much they love and appreciate us? Wouldn’t you agree that they delight and defend us with fierce loyalty? Well, that’s why at Heads Up For Tails, we make sure we give back the love by pampering and creating special memories for pet lovers across the United States.

    Welcome to the 'Pawsh' Doggie Couture World!

    We are proud to be America’s exclusive luxury pet brand that indulges animals and their families in the finer things in life. Our products range from comfy customized dog beds to chic dog collars and leashes. Get access to fashionable doggie bandanas, and an awesome range of high-class accessories.


    We enjoy tapping into our own personal experiences as pet owners to provide products that are practical and fashionable. We have several categories that have you completely covered. This ever-growing range is well researched and hygienic. We pride ourselves on our innate understanding of animals and carefully curating products to help you enhance that special bond with your pet.

    Memorable experiences like birthdays can be unforgettable by adding the right touches. Your little one will stand out at any occasion with our tailor-made range of dog accessories. We are committed towards safety and quality, so nothing but the best goes into the making of all our products.

    We are constantly innovating and on the lookout for new ways to make our furry clients happier. Heads Up For Tails bring oodles of love wrapped in top class products to convert your house into a loving home.