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    Tips to Have a Furrtastic Spring Time

    Tips to Have a Furrtastic Spring Time

    As the days get longer, birds get chirpier and we start to put away our winter clothing; it is time to gear up for some outdoorsy fun with your pet. Beeecaaauuuseee spring season is here to fill up your calendar with loads of outdoor fun with your pet.

    So here are some handy tips so that your pet and you can enjoy the spring season: 

    • Splash of Water Fun 

    water splash

    Dogs love water and love to swim. Head over to the beach or the pool for some fun-filled water games. Your dog will love to splash in the water and will certainly enjoy the much-needed soak. You can find loads of aqua dog toys to keep your dog entertained for hours! Water retrieval games are loads of fun so throw a ball into the pool and let your pooch jump and catch it! Make sure you carry loads of fresh drinking water, fresh towels for your dog when you’re at the beach.



    • Take a hike – Literally! 

    take a hike

    Shed that winter weight with a hike around your city. If you have a park or a hiking place around you, it will be a great place to get some exercise and bond with your dog. Make sure that you look for a hiking place that is easy on the paws and does not have a rough uneven terrain. A dog harness is the right gear for your dog when you take him out on a hike. Keep treats, drinking water, travel bowl and a towel.


    • Organise a Play Date!

    play date

    Play dates are a great way to socialize your pup. Plan a play date with your other doggie friends or attend events organized from time to time. Make sure you have loads of fun and ensure that it is supervised at all times. It is a great way to teach your dog bite inhibition and make him comfortable with other dogs.


    • Go on a long drive

    Long Drive

    It is finally time to roll down the car windows and let your dog enjoy the fresh breeze with her ears flapping, tails wagging and tongue out. Plan a weekend getaway or a long drive with your four-legged-companion and let the fun begin! 

    Spring Health Tips for Dogs

    While you plan all these outdoor trips with your dog, there are a few health related things that you should bear in mind:

    • Beware of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas – Mosquitoes become active during the spring season and can easily transmit heartworm diseases. Ticks and fleas are also common during this season. Make sure you have your dog vaccinated with a heartworm preventative medicine and regularly deworm your dog. You can use tick collars to tackle ticks and fleas.
    • Clean those paws – Spring time will bring loads of rain showers and mud which means that your dog will be bringing tons of mud inside the house. Clean your dog’s paws with paw wipes after an outdoor session to keep your dog healthy and tidy.
    • Keep your dog away from toxic plants – Spring time brings loads of flowers blooming. There are certain plants that you should keep away from your dog. Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth and certain lilies are toxic for dogs. Household fertilizers are also harmful for dogs so make sure it is out of your dog’s reach whenever he is outdoors.
    • Kennel Cough – Keep your dog vaccinated to help protect him from catching kennel cough while he is outdoors meeting other dogs. It is a good practice to keep your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date all year around.